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Modulex Modular Buildings Plc is setting  up India’s first offsite steel Modular Buildings Factory led by a senior management team from the UK 

Proven and senior British management team from the UK modular industry

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Steel modular building is a Modern Method of Construction (MMC), established since 1942 in the UK, producing permanent buildings

Factory construction has started and expected to complete by Q4 2018

Estimated ROI: 20x over 5-7 years

Order pipeline for 30,000 homes

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Our Technology will redefine India's construction landscape

Steel modular building is a Modern Method of Construction (MMC), established since 1942 in the UK, producing permanent buildings such as hotels, schools, student  accommodation, hospitals, and residential buildings.

Modular Technology

Short Build Time

British Standard Codified

Fixed Cost Guarantee

30% Cheaper to Mantain

Factory Built

Fixed Time Guarantee

Earthquake Resistant

Up to 24 Floors

90% Built Off Site

The First Factory

The four production lines will have an annual capacity of

200,000 square metres operating on an 8 hour shift 5 days a week for eleven months.

Illustrative annual output: twenty 100 room hotels plus

thousand residential or office buildings of 1,000 sqft.

Set in 40 acre site in Indapur, Pune District, 280km from

Mumbai, 12 miles from rail head.

Land bought from Maharashtra Industrial Development

Corporation, a state run developer of industrial estates with guaranteed water and electricity.

India Real Estate Opportunity

With rapid economic and population growth in India combined  with increasing urbanisation and a demand for housing, real estate developers search for fast and efficient construction alternatives.

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