Investment Highlights:

  • Opportunity to invest in India’s first steel modular buildings factory
  • Proven and experienced management team
  • Significant pre-orders in the form of letters of intent
  • Funding requirement is £3 million
  • £7.53 million debt agreed from a syndicate of Indian banks
  • Capital guarantee from Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc
  • Return on investment in excess of 44% in 3 years (estimated minimum)

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Modern Method Of Construction

Modulex Modular Buildings Plc is setting up India's first full fit-out steel modular buildings factory led by senior management team from the UK.

Agree a location for the build

Benefit from fixed construction cost and completion time guarantees.


Units are 90% constructed off-site using steel structure, stronger than concrete.

Build up to 24 floors

100 room hotels ready for occupation in 26 weeks from placement order.